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Program your brain for health, wellness, relaxation, stress relief, clarity of mind, creativity, performance and success.


In-depth analysis of your situation, needs and goals. This one-on-one hypnotherapy education is your 1st step.


Enhance wellness, emotional balance and peace of mind. Resolve your unwanted symptoms, conditions and emotions.

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Are you tired of struggling endlessly with the same issues, understanding every aspect of them, and still not feeling any different? Learn to work with brain plasticity and brain rewiring. Changing the way your brain responds to the world changes how the world responds to you!


Forensic hypnosis allows us to go back in time to recover the details of traumatic events we have blocked out of our mind. It can be determining in the preparation of a trial, and is often the only way to recover vital information and critical leads previously inaccessible.


Restore your strength, balance, serenity and peace of mind with a gentle and effective technique. Learn how to short-circuit the electrical response from your brain to specific stressors, issues, or imbalances and discover emotional freedom.


Become certified by the largest and oldest organization in the field. Continuing education courses for medical and mental health practitioners, and professional certification courses for everyone in evidence-based, leading-edge approaches and methodologies.

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Working together on your situation, needs and goals is the fastest way to achieve rapid and lasting results. Enter your information below and I will be in touch soon!
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