What You Believe Matters – by Eldon Taylor

By Genviev, September 13, 2018

Today is the official launch day of the new paperback version of Eldon Taylor’s international best-selling book I Believe. The hardback edition of I Believe – When What You Believe Matters – was released last year and rapidly became an international best seller. The feedback received from readers was powerful. Many people reported significant breakthroughs in their lives—overcoming issues that had formerly seemed insurmountable.

In I Believe, Eldon shows us how current beliefs we are not even fully aware of can bind us and how to unleash the power of the magical fountain within. The code to rewriting our beliefs is laid out in I Believe.

In a fast moving world of endless stimulation, we often forgot our true power lies within. Finding it empowers us to reach our goals, experience unlimited joy, and change our world.

I Believe is one of those special books to be experienced and contemplated not just read and the information recorded. Enjoy the journey… I did.” – Lindsay Wagner, Emmy Award winning actress, author and human potential advocate.

Very seldom do we get a book which speaks directly to Us! Part life manual and part reminder of who we are, I Believe, will teach you ways to re-direct your belief systems and live the life you always wanted.” – James Van Praagh, spiritual medium and author.

The ancient Greek philosopher Epictetus taught his students that what happens to them is not as important as what they believe happens to them. In this engaging and provocative book, Eldon Taylor provides his readers with specific ways in which their beliefs can lead to success or failure in their life undertakings. Each chapter provides nuggets of wisdom as well as road maps for guiding them toward greater self-understanding, balance, responsibility, and compassion.” – Dr. Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., author and Professor of Psychology and Humanistic Studies at Saybrook University.

I Believe is an inspiring book that shows you all the benefits of choosing your beliefs carefully.” – John Gray, Ph.D. New York Times best-selling author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus.

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