Athletes of the Mind

By Genviev, September 13, 2018

The core principle of our operations is simple: we train Athletes of the Mind.

When you work with us, we teach you how to use your own mind to master, overcome and conquer any limitations standing in the way of your well being, peace of mind, joy and personal fulfillment.

Most of all, we start by conquering our inner demons. Those deeply rooted wounds which, for a lifetime, have hindered our capacity to experience joy, freedom, peace of mind, success and perfect self-expression. We teach those struggling through adversity to become Adversity Athletes © and expand their potential, skills, capacities and capabilities in any direction they wish to take them.

Training Athletes of the Mind does not mean we neglect the body. The human brain is estimated to contain about 100 billion neurons.  Neurons can live more then a hundred years. Exercising both our brain and our body is the best way to keep our neurons sharp, alert and healthier. As Roman poet Juvenal wrote: “Mens sana in corpore sano” (a healthy mind within a healthy body).

On an athletic level, we take those once labeled as not athletic and turn them into the ultimate athletes, allowing them to reach heights above and beyond their wildest dreams. The mind controls everything we experience. It regulates the beats of our heart, our circulation, our respiration, our temperature. It analyzes, deciphers and processes everything unfolding around us and determines our ability to respond and react accordingly. Studies of competitive athletes have long demonstrated that those who train with their mind alone achieve better results than those who train solely with their body. Combining both mental and physical training is the surest way to transcend our limitations and transform our performance and results.

Once we understand how to enable our mind to work with us, rather than against us, our experience of life itself becomes effortless, enjoyable and beautiful.

Specialized Expertise

Genvièv’s lifelong athletic training shaped her path and serves as the backbone of her teachings.

A swimmer, downhill skier, equestrian and gymnast through her childhood, she later became an aerobic fitness instructor at the University of Nice and within leading fitness centers in Paris during her academic studies.

In the US, she became a member of the International Hapkido Federation’s Black Belt Program, acting as an assistant instructor within the Federation. For years, she trained one-on-one with a former Lieutenant in the Foreign Legion Anti-Terrorist Unit who taught her hand-to-hand combat, self-defense, ground fighting, knife combat and weapon skills.

An Emergency Medicine First Responder, certified by the Wilderness Medicine Institute and the Emergency First Response Corporation, Genvièv is also a deep sea rescue diver. She served onboard the Professional Ski Patrol of Mt. Hood.

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