Self Healing

Live Educational Series

Welcome to Genvièv TV! Our library of educational films is here to support you on your path to reconquer your truth, your life, your wellness and your success! Join our community on YouTube and on Instagram. Say hello, meet your tribe. Finally embark on your path to creating a life worth living! We are here to support you every step of the way!


Learn to work with your own brain plasticity, life force, and core energy. Reinvent yourself. Finally create a life worth living!


Native American self-healing masterclass led by legendary Native American healer and spiritual teacher.

Medical Hypnosis

Boost your health in 33 days, with this direct, powerful, therapeutic approach. Listen daily for optimal results.


33 days to boost your confidence, charisma, self-esteem and inner-strength. Listen daily for optimal results!

Katu TV Live

Learn to work with hypnosis and brain plasticity to enhance your quality of life and finally discover a life worth living!


Begin your week with strength, clarity and poise. Join us for a guided mindfulness hypnosis practice to recharge!

Relationship Repair

Close the Gap: Effective strategies to release tension and restore love, harmony and peace in your relationships.

Restore Lost Love

Dissolve tension and restore love, harmony and peace using powerful prayers, sacred texts and divine intervention.

Relationship Quality

Change your relationships with hypnosis. Master brain plasticity for dating, relationship success, and breakup recovery.

Sex & The Narcissist

Sex with narcissistic partners. Tactical strategies to reconquer your truth, survive and thrive after abusive relationships

Narcissistic Abuse

Resurrecting from the destruction of narcissistic abuse. Essential steps to survive, and begin rebuilding your life.

Empaths & Psychopaths

Tactical strategies for empaths to protect themselves from narcissists, and other cluster B predators hunting them.

Trauma Addiction

Discover why we can be programmed to self-destruct, and learn how to reconquer your truth, your power and your life.

Black Sheep

Were you scapegoated as a child? Were you given the role of the black sheep?

Childhood Trauma

Understanding the lasting effects of adverse childhood experiences and toxic stress.


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