Produced by Genvièv and her Team               
A Series Exploring the Last Frontier

Produced by Genvièv and her team, from their Portland, Oregon headquarters, a new series exploring the last frontier of human potential: the power of the mind.

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The Loss of our Abilities

An ancient tale in the Hindu religion relates that long ago, humans were Gods endowed with divine powers. Men so abused of their powers, Brahma, Reigning God, decided to withdraw their powers and hide them in a location men would never be able to uncover. The counsel of Half-Gods was called forth to determine where to hide the divine powers of mankind, so that men would never again be able to locate them. “Let’s bury the divinity of man into the depths of the earth,” suggested the Half-Gods. “This will not suffice,” responded Brahma, “men will dig as deep as it takes to retrieve their divine powers.” “Let’s sink it down into the abysses of the deepest ocean on earth,” proposed the Half-Gods. Brahma shook his head again: “Sooner or later, men will find a way to explore the depths of the oceans. When this day comes, they will uncover it and bring it back to the surface.” The Master of Gods concluded: “Here is what we shall do: let’s hide the divinity of mankind within the depths of man himself. This is the only place he will never think of looking into.” Since that day, men went around the world again and again, exploring every corner of the globe, climbing the tallest mountains, digging endlessly into the earth, diving to the depths of oceans, relentlessly searching for the treasures hidden within them all along.

Reclaiming our Potential

Most of us go through life using a small portion of the potential of our minds. Imagine suddenly being able to tune into the untapped power of your mind to engage in your life fully and passionately, pursue your dreams, explore your passions and new horizons. When we awaken to our true potential, our path unfolds before us in remarkable ways.

2011 Summary

Live on the Last Frontier this December 2011, Genvièv summarizes her team’s work and extends holiday wishes to everyone: Holidays on Genviev TV

Forensic Hypnosis

In this week’s episode of the Last Frontier, Forensic and Clinical Hypnotherapist Genvièv presents the power of forensic hypnosis. A criminal discovery tool enabling law enforcement officials, legal and insurance professionals to make critical progress on unsolved cases, forensic hypnosis allows the rest of us to recapture elusive memories, gain clearer comprehension of past events and find lost objects. Intro voice, animations and visual effects by Paul Mellender: Forensics on Genviev TV

Heal your Life with Hypnosis

In this week’s episode of the Last Frontier, Forensic and Clinical Hypnotherapist Genvièv uncovers the hidden truth behind the magic of hypnosis: Heal with Hypnosis on Genviev TV

Welcome to the Last Frontier

In this introduction to the Last Frontier, Forensic and Clinical Hypnotherapist Genvièv presents how to tap into the power of our subconscious mind to turn adversity into advantage, unlock our potential, alter our reality and reach for our dreams: Explore the Last Frontier on Genviev TV

Genvièv’s Story

The survivor of multiple life-threatening circumstances, Genvièv had no other choice but to learn, at an early age, to transform every terrifying challenge she faced into fuel for survival and success. Being called to overcome extraordinary adversity time and again through her life forced her to dive into the deepest levels of the mind in order to survive and thrive. The author of numerous books and articles published in the national and international press, Genvièv teaches you to become an alchemist of life and transform adversity into advantage: Genvièv’s Story on The Last Frontier