The Anatomy of Emergency

By Genviev, September 13, 2018

The nature of emergency in itself presents a unique combination of factors which enable the efficiency of a hypnotherapeutic approach.  Tailored to law enforcement officials, EMTs, paramedics and firemen, our Emergency Response and Pain Control Hypnosis training will teach you valuable techniques to avoid shock in trauma cases and accident victims.

Using techniques designed for emergency situations, you will learn to distract and bypass the barriers of the conscious mind to deliver efficient suggestions, avoid shock, decrease bleeding, accelerate the immune system, block pain, reduce the severity of injuries in burn victims and provide vital assistance to those in critical situations.

The Anatomy of Emergency

One of the keys for successful hypnosis lies in the ability of the subject to concentrate. A person who is injured is concentrating intensely. By so doing, they have already bypassed the analytical part of the mind, enabling us direct access to their subconscious abilities.  Additionally, a person in a state of emergency has a heightened need and desire for help, as well as an acute willingness to trust and believe in the possibility of receiving such help.

The ingredients for successful hypnosis, which in a typical, non-threatening situation, would take preparation and coaching to achieve, are gathered. Studies have shown direct hypnotic suggestions enabled injured children to reduce the bleeding from their wounds. Substantial decreases in the severity of the burns in burn victims were also recorded when hypnotic suggestions were delivered within the first hour.

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