The Alliance

Merging the expertise of transformational practitioners, shamans, energy healers, native tribes, earth and ocean medicine researchers, and scholars from around the world, the Alliance brings its knowledge, support and intervention to those facing challenging situations.

From the depths of oceans to the remote territories of British Columbia, from the mountains of France to the heart of Italy, the Alliance unites healing arts experts from around the world. Gathering ancient cultures and traditions, earth and energy medicine, and native tribal practices, the Alliance can be called upon when challenges prove resistant to other approaches.

Facing an extraordinary life threat through the course of a decade forced Genvièv to resort to extraordinary measures. When her own strength and resources collapsed, she traveled around the globe to seek the help of powerful allies. Their collaborative work allowed her to defeat the pervasive vendetta determined to end her and emerge stronger than before. Her story is featured on YouTube at:

The Alliance can be called upon to assist you at times of exceptional need.

Schedule an initial consultation, in person or remotely, to discuss your goals, challenges and needs, and determine how the Alliance can best support you on your journey.

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