“Thank you again for all your help, Genvièv. Your gentle words about my mom and her current health challenge touched my very core. It felt as if you were reading my mind and knew exactly what to say. The session answered my nagging questions on how to help my mom and gave me great comfort and understanding. While it was hard to watch my mom struggle, you calmed my mind and allowed me to be joyful again. I realize that being around my mom, no matter her health situation, is a gift I intend to make the most of. Your inner strength, sharp mind and intuition always amaze me! That you are always willing to share a part of you with me is another gift I will always cherish. Just so you know, whenever I think of you, I smile! Again, thank you, Genvièv. You take care of yourself. I think of you often and send good and happy thoughts your way.”

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