“You have touched me deeply. As the night has progressed, I feel my mind more relaxed, with peace and good thoughts flowing through. I am no longer fighting myself or even thinking about tomorrow, wondering how I am going to get through the day. It’s a big change for me. It feels so different. So different, that I would be able to welcome so much peace within. In the 50-some years I have sought help for my anxiety and fears, you are the first person in my life who knew how to get me out of the anxiety symptoms today. In two sessions, you instinctively knew what to do and what to say to help me release the anxiety. You explained what was going on and gave me answers by teaching me how to counteract these overwhelming symptoms. What a gift you gave me today! You help desperate individuals like me, allowing us to face our fears in a safe, comfortable environment. I am thankful I found you and we can share this journey together. I know our future sessions will bring out more of who I am, help me better understand my condition and be able to, with practice, help myself effortlessly. I am thinking positive thoughts and that feels really good for a change. I go to bed tonight, eager for a restful night of sleep. Tomorrow I will wake up, ready to practice your teachings and learn more about myself. I will honor and respect my needs. I will awaken the wonderful person within me and I will find true peace of mind. You have my permission to use my notes to you. I feel honored that you asked. If my simple words can help another person going through a rough time, I am happy to share your teachings and my results with them. You get some rest too! Thanks again!”

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