“Before coming to see you, I had been struggling with weight issues my entire life. With every diet, I went through excruciating cravings. The caffeine and sugar withdrawals I experienced each time I tried to quit my addiction to sodas were unbearable. Every failed attempt discouraged me further. When you explained trying to fix self-sabotaging behaviors without finding and treating their cause was the reason for the unsuccessful outcomes, I wondered how we would find the cause of this lifelong problem. I wasn’t aware of it.

I had never been hypnotized before, yet, the moment you brought me back to origin of the problem and I found myself a little boy again, waiting for the ice-cream truck in front of my parents’ home, the scene was so vivid, it was like being there all over again. I was barefoot in the grass and I could actually see how tall the grass was. When the ice-cream truck arrived, I could see every sticker on the truck, the face of the man driving it, the shirt he had on, with startling clarity. I had no idea I still remembered that man who played such an insignificant role in my life in the grand scheme of things. When we followed me back to my childhood home, everything was there in vivid and colorful details. Finally being given the chance to understand the profound reason behind my lifelong self-sabotaging habits was incredible. After one session, I truly feel more in control of my destiny. In the week since, I have not had a single soda and did not experience any of the cravings and withdrawals I always had in the past! The shift was easy and natural. I changed my eating habits, choosing healthy, nutritional foods instead of the unhealthy choices I made before. I cannot believe I didn’t try hypnosis years ago! It is a very awakening experience, truly something I had never experienced before. Thank you Genvièv.”

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