Peak Performance

Genviev Hypnosis

Performance Enhancement in Portland, Oregon

What makes an individual or a team soar? What turns us into unstoppable leaders and icons in our field?

The drive, motivation, energy and skills we generate and our synergy, or ability to work with others in effortless, efficient and powerful harmony.

Working with you on an individual basis, or with your team on a group level, enables us to address, resolve and release any limitations, fears, resistances or obstacles standing in the way of your capacity to soar and achieve greatness.

Whenever we find ourselves struggling with tension, procrastination, lack of drive, lack of motivation, overwhelming stress, fear of failure or fear of success, there is always a specific reason at the root of our negative emotions. Left unaddressed, the root cause remains active and we find ourselves fighting a losing proposition, feeling overwhelmed, unfulfilled, defeated, exhausted or depleted.

Clinical Brain Rewiring

Regression to cause hypnosis is one of the most powerful methods available to help us understand, resolve and release the resistance, blocks and obstacles standing in the way of our potential.

Being able to uncover our self-sabotaging beliefs, limitations and fears is an essential step to restoring our self-image, inner-strength and drive. It is the gateway to igniting our potential, boosting our motivation and considerably enhancing our performance, results and achievements.

Individual Sessions

Working one-on-one enables us to target, address and release any resistance standing in the way of your success, motivation, drive and success. Learning how to access the most powerful part of your mind to overcome past limitations and unleash your potential is the most powerful tool you could ever give yourself.

New York Times Best-Selling Author Susan Chernak McElroy:

“Wonderful work, deep work, work that has helped me restore much of the vitality and creativity I thought was lost to me. Can’t recommend highly enough. Thank you, lovely lady!”

Jason, Portland, Oregon:

“I came to Genvièv to address a fear of failure (or success) causing compulsive procrastination.

The results were miraculous. We identified a formative event in my early childhood and addressing it has been phenomenal.

I completed nearly two months of procrastinated actions within the first week after the session, and after the next two I have brought my entire personal, financial and business lives back under control.”

Group Training

Teach your team members how to target, address and release the obstacles standing in the way of their greatness: procrastination, fear, lack of drive, purpose or motivation. Recharge their energy and enable them to expand their potential, on a personal and professional level.

Author, Anthropologist, Motivational Speaker Dr. Jeff Salz, Ph.D:

“Genvièv is a breath of fresh air! I have known her for quite a few years. Her YouTube series captures only a small part of her inspirational message. She brings grace, wholeness and opens worlds of possibilities to all those whose lives she touches. Carry on, Genvièv… Take us all to new heights!”

Scott Duvall, Past President, Oregon Hypnotherapy Association:

“Genvièv is an exquisite and gifted speaker. She has an incredible talent to deliver a plethora of information, combined with her real life experiences, that invites her audience to journey into the wisdom and knowledge of the subjects she presents.

Her professional demure and light-hearted sense of humor make learning – even the most difficult subjects – a delight, leaving her audience excited about using what they have learned to enrich every aspect of their lives.”

Joseph Bennette, Editor-in-Chief of OHA Northwest, Official Publication of the Oregon Hypnotherapy Association:

“Genvièv always presents well-researched and documented material – important for those of us who value accuracy and good solid research to back the information presented. She is expertly knowledgeable in her subject matter, standing fearlessly erect and speaking assertively with an air of authority.

Her winning smile and friendly demeanor genuinely convery her interest in her material and her audience. She provides a logical progression of presentation materials that is easy to follow and interacts well with her audience, fielding questions well and making questioners feel respected and satisfied.”

Will McKnight, J.D. Adjunct Instructor of Criminal Justice:

“Genvièv’s presentations on Forensic Hypnosis are so powerful and so well received, I am hoping she will be willing to loan us the richness of her expertise again. The students genuinely appreciate her.”

Michael Whitenburgh, Centre of Excellence for Mind Empowerment:

“Well done, Genvièv! Keep inspiring us all being an ‘Outstanding Woman.’ You really are so significant to so many, even people you don’t even know. Thanks for being you.”

Dr. Joan Schultze, Wellness Chiropractic Center:

“Genvièv, Brilliant talk that you gave! I have had wonderful feedback about it. Everyone was most impressed! Good, good, good reviews!”

Laura Goldman, Events and Adult Programming Director, Club Sport Oregon:

“Genvièv, You have been such a pleasure to work with! Your passion for what you do and enthusiasm for working with the community here at Club Sport shines. The positive feedback from participants is a reflection of you, your insight and passion. I am lucky to work with you!”

Quincy Whitfield, President, Bridges Business Group:

“Over the last year, I’ve had the pleasure of being part of 3 presentations delivered by Genvièv on hypnosis and the work she does. I can’t begin to tell you how powerful her presentations are, packed with incredible insights, dispelling all myths, and giving participants an entirely new, fresh perspective of hypnosis. If you have yet to attend one of Genvièv’s presentations, now is the time to get enlightened. Genvièv, please keep on keeping. You are a blessing to all of us!”

Specialized Expertise

Genvièv has decades of experience working at the executive level of leading international corporations in the US and overseas.

A graduate of the Department of Doctorates of the Sorbonne University of Paris, she received her Master’s Degree and DESS with the highest honors and congratulations of the jury.

She built her professional expertise helping corporate CEOs, company presidents, entrepreneurs, sales forces and team leaders reach and exceed their goals, overcome obstacles and bring their teams to the position of leaders in their industries.

Genvièv is the author of numerous magazine articles, columns and features on performance, published nationally and internationally. Her story Zen in the Art of Survival was published in Chicken Soup to Inspire the Body and Soul by the best-selling literary series. She has in-depth experience in national and international business development, goal achievement and sucess.

A lifelong athlete, Genvièv taught fitness classes within leading fitness centers in Paris and at the University of Nice, France. In the US, she acted as assistant martial arts instructor with the International Hapkido Federation, while a member of their Black Belt Program. An Emergency Medicine First Responder and trained rescuer diver, she served on board the Professional Ski Patrol of Mt. Hood. Her teachings in performance enhancement and goal achievement are influenced by her lifelong commitment to athletic training and excellence.

Enhance your Performance with Hypnosis

Contact us to schedule an individual consultation or to learn about our corporate programs, specifically targeted to enhance business performance, motivation, team work and success. Group presentations are held at your location and one-on-one sessions enable each member of your team to receive personal, individual and optimal training.

Regression to cause hypnosis is one of the most efficient methods available to positively address and resolve the following issues: motivation, procrastination, professional goals, sales results, self-confidence, public speaking, fear of failure, fear of success, athletic performance, financial performance, musical performance, creative goals, writer’s block, composer’s block, fears, limiting beliefs and memories, exam stress, study skills, performance stress, creative visualization, memory enhancement, etc.  We also specialize in subconscious brain reprogramming and physical, mental and emotional relaxation.

Working in Cooperation with the Medical Field

As consulting hypnosis practitioners, we do not independently work with medical conditions, diagnose, treat or prescribe. We do not practice psychotherapy, we teach and train our clients to shift limiting beliefs, reach their goals and enhance their well-being using hypnotic techniques.

We only assist with diagnosed physical, mental and emotional symptoms with the authorization and under the supervision of medical doctors, physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, nurse practitioners. Please note we do require a physician’s authorization before scheduling sessions and work only under your physician’s guidance. Working in close cooperation with your medical team enables us to ensure your progress in an optimal manner.