Scheduling Appointments in the Fall

By Genviev, September 9, 2015

I am currently consulting overseas until September 22nd.

Our office schedule is booked until October. To be considered for a consultation, or to schedule a session in the fall, you are welcome to visit our center in Lake Oswego, where my team will be happy to assist you, or contact me online to receive your client intake form and physician’s authorization documentation.

Scheduling a consultation is the best, most efficient way to discuss your situation, needs and goals one-on-one with me and determine the most effective approach. It is also an essential requirement to be considered for sessions. I only work with those I have met in consultation and feel will benefit from my specific approach.

Medical conditions are approached only in collaboration with your physician and medical team. For these reasons, preparation work for sessions needs to be conducted in consultation. Please note hypnotherapy is not currently covered by insurance and is an out-of-pocket expense.

My team and I are doing our very best to respond to each and every person in need. We will continue devising new and improved ways to strategically assist an increasingly greater number of demands.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in the process. We look forward to meeting you.

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