Redefine Yourself!

By Genviev, September 14, 2018

Tonight, our beautiful and inspiring fitness instructor Abby started the class by asking us a simple question: “Are you ready to redefine yourself?”

And in this one sentence, she summarized the spirit of the work we do all day, every day, building Athletes of the Mind©. Learning how to pick up the pieces after adversity obliterates us and everything we thought defined us, rise from our very ashes and rebuild ourselves stronger, better, more efficient, more resilient than before.

The correlations between the foundations of my teachings and advanced athletic training are not coincidental. My lifelong athletic training has shaped my path and serves as the backbone of my philosophy and approach. For decades, I have been teaching people from all walks of life how to use the power of their minds to transform their existences, survive and thrive, soar over obstacles and join the few, the proud, the Adversity Athletes©.

Becoming an Athlete

Learning to become an athlete of the mind follows the same principles as those of physical athletic training. It requires methodology, scientific knowledge and understanding of the process, desire, drive, discipline and repetition. Once you get started, your 3Ds take care of themselves: desire, drive and discipline begin snowballing the moment you get moving. It is the very principle of Newton’s law of motion: an object in motion tends to stay in motion.

Understanding Adversity

Some of us are hit by unspeakable adversity. The kind that leaves you shattered, fractured, face down in the dirt, robbed of your strength, stunned, speechless, betrayed and defeated.

What do you have left?


Your mind controls everything. Control your mind, control everything.

Together, we can rebuild you. We can make you stronger, faster, more resilient, more efficient than before. We can ignite within you a force, a drive, a passion for living you never even knew existed.

There is Only One Question

Are you ready to show them what you’ve got? More directly, are you ready to discover how strong you truly are?

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