Pain Management

By Genviev, May 16, 2019

Working in Cooperation with the Medical Field

As clinical hypnotherapists, we do not independently work with medical conditions, diagnose, treat or prescribe. We do not practice psychotherapy, we teach and train our clients how to shift limiting beliefs, reach their goals and enhance their well being using self-hypnotic techniques.

We only assist with diagnosed physical, mental and emotional symptoms with the authorization and under the supervision of medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, nurse practitioners. Please note we do require a physician’s authorization before scheduling sessions and work only under physician guidance. Working in close cooperation with your medical team enables us to ensure your progress in an optimal manner.

Hypnosis for Pain Management in Portland, Oregon

The deep state of mental, emotional and physical relaxation known as the state of hypnosis produces physiological changes in the body and in the brain. In a state of hypnosis, blood vessels loosen, the blood is able to flow more fluidly and effortlessly throughout the entire system, distributing vital oxygen to the brain and enabling a better distribution of essential nutrients to our vital organs. Stress levels decrease significantly. Cortisol levels decrease (steroid hormone produced by the adrenal gland and released in the body under stress, responsible for fatigue, reduced immune system efficiency and increased sensitivity to pain).

FMRI (Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) studies of the brain before, during and after hypnosis demonstrate decreased cortex and prefrontal cortex activity (the areas of the brain responsible for planning and decision making) and increased activity in the visual cortex (responsible for proecessing visual stimuli) and amygdala (almond-shaped aread of the temporal lobe responsible for the processing and expression of emotions).

In a state of hypnosis, the body is finally given the chance to return doing what it was engineered to do: heal and restore itself.

Understanding Dissociation

Dissociation is the normal response of our central nervous system when we are faced with intense physical harm, fear or terror we are unable to avoid, escape or shield ourselves from. In a state of dissociation, we undergo a partial or complete disruption of the normal integration of our conscious and psychological functioning. We can no longer feel physical pain, shed tears, access or express emotions, communicate or interact with others. We become disconnected from our physical bodies and emotions.

The dissociative state demonstrates the possibility of the brain to distance itself from the experience of pain.

History of Hypnotic Analgesia

The use of hypnosis for pain control dates back to 1845 when Dr. James Esdaile successfully began performing surgical procedures using hypnosis as anaesthesia, rendering his patients analgesic and rapidly gaining worldwide reputation for his painless surgeries.

Born in Scotland in 1808, James Esdaile studied medicine at the University of Edinburgh, graduating as an M.D. in 1830. He was first appointed as assistant surgeon to the East India Company in Calcutta, Bengal, then the capital of British India. Upon witnessing the level of pain suffered by some of his patients during surgical procedures, Dr. Esdaile decided to try mesmeric analgesia and succeeded in rendering his patients analgesic.

Dr. Esdaile’s mesmeric anaesthesia was known to be extremely safe. He is considered by many to have been the pioneer in the use of hypnosis for surgical anaesthesia.

Physician’s Authorization and Supervision

Please note a physician’s written authorization is required prior to initiating work on diagnosed conditions. If you are currently taking prescription medications, do not stop or reduce your dosage without your doctor’s approval.

As clinical hypnotherapists, we work in close cooperation with your medical team. Your continued progress is monitored by your doctor. This enables us to provide you with optimal results.

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