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Hypnosis is the most powerful methodology we have to transform our circumstances and create a life worth living.

There has never been a better time to start. The world is in crisis and needs your expertise. The unique effectiveness of hypnosis is in its ability to facilitate rapid and lasting change. Are you called to bring healing, peace and empowerment to a world in chaos? Join our team today and become an empowerment architect!

In recent years, businesses everywhere have had to rapidly transition to online operations. The world has become a smaller place. Today, you can choose to open a practice and see clients in person, offer video sessions from your home office, or both!

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Determine your own schedule. Choose your pay rate. Work from home, or from the location of your choice. Become an expert in helping others change their circumstances and build a quality of life they never imagined possible. Become a certified consulting hypnotist!

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Join the largest and oldest organization in the field in the world. Begin your training as a Consulting Hypnotist with the NGH. Discover one of the most rewarding and flexible careers there is. Learn how to change lives, including your own. Classes are starting now!

NGH Certification

The NGH Certification Course a high quality, professional hypnosis certification program designed to produce some of the best and most qualified hypnosis professionals in the field. Taking your professional certification with the NGH ensures you graduate with accreditations recognized internationally.


Your Practice

As the largest, oldest and most recognized organization in its field in the world, the NGH provides you with the expertise and on-going support you need to start and expand your career in the field of professional hypnosis.

Your Graduation

Upon graduating from the NGH you will receive:

Why Choose the NGH Professional Certification?

Who is this Professional Certification for?

What you will learn

NGH Continuing Education

The NGH contributes to the profession in many ways. Members can access on-going continuing education at no cost through live webinars hosted year round. The annual NGH educational conferences hosted in Boston and Las Vegas are attended by professional hypnotists from around the world.


The NGH is the most respected professional hypnotism organization in the world.

Established in 1950, it counts thousands of members in over 60 countries. The NGH sets ethical standards for the profession and effectively represents the needs of professional hypnotists legally and legislatively.

Since its inception, the NGH has published the Journal of Hypnotism and the Hypnogram. Both continue to be an important resource for members of the profession today.


One on One

For fastest, most powerful, rapid and lasting results, work with me one-on-one. I am here to help you!

Audio Sessions

Do-it-yourself brain rewiring. Download the audio session everyone is raving about and let my voice guide you!

Video Courses

We are continuously developing and releasing new video courses available to you for streaming 24/7.


Our wonderful community of support is available to you 24/7. Find us on all social media platforms. Say hello and ask your questions!


YouTube Partner, GenvievTV offers you a complete library of live sessions & educational films accessible 24/7.


Powerful brain rewiring video loops are accessible on Instagram. With laser focus, they play in loop, even over your musical tracks.

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