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Interestingly, the part of our body that defines who we are and allows us to understand, process and react to the world around us – our brain – is the part we seem to know and understand the least. In our Get to Know your Brain series, we shed light on the control center of your being, the part that makes you you.  When you know how your brain works, you can change the way you feel, think, act and react.

Did you know: the brain is made up of about 75% water, uses 20% of the total oxygen and 20% of the blood circulating in our body. Hence, the better we hydrate, the deeper we breathe, the more relaxed we are, the better our blood flows through our body and the more efficiently our brain functions.

Researchers from the universities of East London and Westminster found that students who drink water during exams obtain higher grades, performing 10% better than those who don’t – the difference of a full grade. Visual attention and memory are also proven to increase with better hydration. This is due to the enhanced performance of the brain when properly hydrated and the fact drinking water is shown to alleviate anxiety, which is known to negatively affect performance.

With clinical hypnosis, we learn how to change our brain wave cycles to enhance our mental capacities. This partly explains the rejuvenating and restorative boost experienced during and after hypnosis. It also accounts for the superior clarity of mind and mental focus experienced during hypnosis, which enables us to recover or retain considerable amounts of information, very often out of reach when we function in the conscious level of the mind.

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About Genvièv St. Clair

GENVIÈV ST. CLAIR, Fellow and Former President of the Oregon Hypnotherapy Association, is an award-winning Board Certified Instructor with the NGH.

A Valedictorian from the Ivy League University of the Sorbonne in Paris, she graduated summa cum laude from the department of doctorates of one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world. With specialized training in forensic discovery, and years of expertise in the medical and legal fields, she acted as a communication liaison in complex and critical situations, including duties for the Department of Homeland Security, the US court system, and leading medical centers.

Featured on Discovery Channel, radio and television programs worldwide, Genvièv is the author of Zen in the Art of Survival, published in the best-selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul, as well as Diving into the Unsolved Mysteries of the Mind, Make a Friend of Fear, Meditation in Motion, Life Line, The Gift, Emotions, and countless magazine columns and articles on performance, achievement and success. Her story is featured in Chicken Soup to Inspire the Body and Soul – Motivation to get over the hump and on the road to a better life. She produces an educational health and wellness series on YouTube.

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