Forensic Discovery – Criminal Investigation

Stepping out, today, from another marathon session for which I was hired to handle the forensic discovery on a high-profile murder investigation.

There are no words to express how fascinating, thrilling and compelling it is to be able to bring a witness back in time to the day of a crime, and no matter how many years or decades have since passed, to be able to relive the scene as if it were taking place right before our eyes.

As if we were standing there, alongside our witness, seeing, hearing, feeling, sensing every motion, every emotion, every word, sound and detail of the events unfolding all around us.

I had never imagined, in my wildest dreams as a little girl, born and raised halfway across the world, that I would one day be standing here, in the United States of America, in this position, in this time and place, embodying a career that never ceases to amaze me …

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