Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - A man and a woman sitting in a chair talking on the phone - Psychological Stress

Complex post-traumatic stress, often referred to as disorder, or response, refers to the symptoms or sequels left behind by the experience of a series of traumatic events through which someone’s safety, stability, physical or emotional well being were compromised.

Trauma Understanding

Without in-depth experience, understanding and knowledge of the effects and after-effects of trauma, it is difficult for others to understand, comprehend and relate to the ingrained patterns left behind by traumatic experiences. “How could you let this happen to you?” is often what adult survivors of bullying, physical, emotional abuse or endangerement hear. “Why did you not walk away?” “Why did you not fight back?” Or worse, they will be accused of being responsible for or misrepresenting the abuse. A deeply damaging reaction known as a double-bind. Being accused of misrepresenting the traumatic event, or being responsible for it, shatters whatever was left of the fragile emotional stability of the mind as it is struggling to comprehend and recover. Questioning the survivor’s perception of reality leads them to further lose their grasp of their right to safety, boundaries, respect and protection.

Trauma-Related Guilt

Guilt and self-doubt are among the most common symptoms experienced by trauma survivors. “How could I let this happen?” “What is wrong with me?” The should-haves and would-haves act like endless thoughts spinning around in our minds as we try to make sense of what happened, why it happened, what we should have done differently and how we could have prevented the event from happening.

Early-Life Conditioning

What makes an adult, who should be capable of saying no, standing up for themselves and fighting for their safety, submit to verbal, emotional and/or physical abuse? The patterns ingrained in their mind in early life. The way a child is raised is determining to the adult ability and capacity to understand, protect and defend their boundaries.

When a child is beaten, threatened, verbally, physically or emotionally abused by his or her caretakers, there is often nowhere and no one to turn to. The only survival mechanisms become submission and dissociation. When you are cornered and your physical, emotional, psychological safety is compromised, the mind will dissociate in order to cope with the fear, pain, vulnerablity and helplessness. Dissociating is a natural response from our central nervous system to unatural events the mind is not capable of processing any other way. Once the mind has taken the habit of dissociating, it will typically, instinctively resort to dissociation whenever similar situations are encountered.

Later in life, whenever facing a situation resembles the initial trauma, the mind will automatically revert to the time of the initial trauma. We are no longer dealing with the adult’s logical, analytical mind, but with the mind of the child who first encountered a similar threat. The adult will then react as they child they were at the time of the initial trauma, in other words, dissociate, revert to the submissive, vulnerable, helpless, non-reactive response with which they were forced to cope with similar earlylife traumatic events. The submissive response is not a conscious decision. It is a subconscious, automatic, survival mechanism, deeply ingrained in the mind and beyond the control of the conscious mind.

Additionally, a child who is beaten, threatened, endangered by those closest to him, those from whom the child was supposed to learn love, trust, bonding, family, respect, is taught they do not deserve safety, care, protection, kindness. The child is brainwashed to believe closeness or caring equal pain and endangerment.

It’s a double-sided coin. On one hand, the child is brainwashed to believe they are not deserving of respect, protection, care and safety. On the other hand, they are taught that when they attempt to stand up for themselves, their safety becomes severely compromised. The only survival mechanisms become submission and dissociation. Patterns of survival this deeply engrained in the mind in early life take over whenever the mind encounters similar situations later in life.

Retraining the Brain

By allowing us to go back to the root cause responsible for the symptoms of complex post-traumatic stress, hypnotherapy enables us to understand, address and resolve the negative emotions and limiting beliefs left behind by the initial trauma. Being able to unveil, address and release the trauma wounds of the past, opens the way for a more balanced, solid and peaceful present.

Rescuing the Child

Can you imagine the adult you have become today being able to rescue the child you once were? This is what we do with regression to cause hypnotherapy. We give the adult of today the opportunity to go back in time to rescue the child you once were in its most critical times of need. A gift of rescue, transformation and relief, most never get the chance to experience.

The Scope and Boundaries of Hypnosis

As clinical hypnotherapists, we are not licensed medical professionals. For this reason, we only work on diagnosed conditions under the supervision of, and in close cooperation with medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, nurse practitioners and social workers. We require a physician’s authorization prior to initiating work on diagnosed conditions. Working in close cooperation with your medical team enables us to ensure your progress in an optimal manner.

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Hypnosis Best Of

Hypnosis Best Of - A clock hanging from the ceiling - Hypnosis

Unforgettable moments in the practice of hypnosis …

The short stories below are true-to-life quotes from my clients. My gratitude goes to each of them for their candor and sincerity. We may tackle life-altering traumas and tragedies, together however, we laugh so hard tears are gushing from our eyes, we fold in half holding our ribs, hold hands and hug, and, one step at a time, through laughter and tears, we transform adversity into advantage, recover our strength, our freedom, and soar higher than we ever imagined possible.

Way Out of the Box

“Genvièv, understand me, I’m a red neck dude. When I get stressed, I jump out of a perfectly well-functioning airplane for God’s sake. That’s how I handle stress relief. Hypnosis … this is way out of the box for me… The only reason I’m here is because I’m stuck. Nothing else worked and I don’t know why. I told my wife: I spoke with this French lady. She is going to be doing hypnotherapy with me. My wife responded: Well … Good luck with that!”

Doctor’s Orders

“My doctor requested I made an appointment with you because I’ve been suffering from anxiety for years. This is why I’m here, but I’m very worried. My husband and I have loved each other for 25 years. We are best friends and partners. We couldn’t imagine life without each other. I haven’t been able to sleep since my doctor requested I see you. If you work with my mind, I will no longer have the same mind. That means my husband might no longer love me. Do you think it is possible for my husband to still love me, even if I have sessions with you?”

“Let me ask you this: do you think your husband would still love you if you became happier with your life, more relaxed? If you recovered better clarity of mind? If you felt content and at peace more often?”

“Well, of course he would!”

“Well then, there is your answer.”

Marriage Vows

A few years ago, a beautiful, elegant and educated young woman from the UK came to consult with me and asked:

“Genvièv, my husband would like you to hypnotize me so I no longer notice his affairs and our marriage remains undisturbed. How should we go about doing this?”

We focused instead on rebuilding her sense of self-worth, self-esteem and poise.

Mind Robbery

During a public gathering, a client who had recently visited my office for a consultation shared:

“I had always been under the assumption that if you went to see a hypnotherapist, you might not come out of their office with the same mind you had going in…” The audience burst into laughter.

She continued: “I’m relieved to tell you, I went to visit Genvièv last week to learn more about what she does, and I still have the same mind today that I had going in!”

You of All People

“I have become so calm and clear of mind since our session, it’s been startling to those around me. My team and employees at work have been trying to pull my strings to get me to react. Still, I remain completely calm, simply observing and processing what’s happening around me, and taking correct actions.

My team ended up coming to see me and asked: “What’s going on? You don’t even get mad anymore!”

I explained: “I went to see a hypnotherapist to get this under control. I felt it was in the best interest of the company and myself, so I decided to do something for myself and for the benefit of the company. It really helped me. I don’t understand how it works, but it does work.”

They looked at me startled: “You, of all people, went to see a hypnotherapist?!”

“What?” I responded. “Would you like me to revert to my old self?”

“No, of course not!” they exclaimed. “Keep doing what you are doing!”

All She Did Was Talk to Me

“Genvièv, I am flabbergasted. So is my wife.

I don’t understand it. How can you spend 40 years, incapable of quitting an addiction, no matter how hard you try or what you do, and in one session, walk away not wanting to have anything to do with it anymore? I haven’t even thought about it since our session! Whenever I try to think about it, the sound of your voice comes to my mind, this blue peace, shaped like an octopus, covers everything and I feel really calm…

My wife asked me how you did this. All I could say was: I haven’t the first idea! All I did was sit in a chair and listen to her voice. The only thing that was strange was the fact it felt like 15 minutes, but when I opened my eyes, two hours had gone by!”

What Have You Done to Me?

“Genvièv, chocolate chips cookies used to be my all-time favorite thing. Something I simply could not resist. Yet, since my first session with you last week, everything has become so different. I find myself attracted to fresh fruit and veggetables, good proteins, soups. The typical culprits to my weight goals are no longer an issue.

My 9 year-old daughter baked cookies last night. When I got up this morning, they were laying on trays on our kitchen counter. A week ago, I would have eaten a few right there and then, taken some to have in the car, and more to eat later at work. However, this morning I looked at them and they just seemed like blobs to me. I felt no inclination whatsoever to have any at all. Instead, I grabbed a glass of water and left for the day!

What have you done to me? You better be careful to what you say to me today!”

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Mind Mastery

Mind Mastery - A close up of a guitar - Lori Kandels

Last weekend’s spring conference of the Oregon Hypnotherapy Association featured Eldon Taylor, Howard Hamilton and I, as keynote speakers presenting on Mind Mastery.

Eldon Taylor Brings his Mind Mastery to Portland

On Saturday, we had the fortune of welcoming Dr. Eldon Taylor to Portland. Meeting Eldon is an experience that leaves you transformed. Having collaborated on his book launches for the last several years, I was well-versed in his research, writing and path. Yet, nothing can prepare you to the impact of meeting him in person. Interpersonal interactions are part of day-to-day life. We constantly collaborate with one-another. However, one in a great while, you meet someone whose presence, energy and spirit leave a footprint on your soul that changes everything. Eldon is one of these incredible beings. I had the blessing of spending an entire day with Eldon and Ravinder, from the landing of their flight, through the day-long coordination of our conference, all the way to their evening departure from the Portland International Airport.

Criminology and Forensic Hypnosis

A praciting criminalist for over 10 years, specialized in lie detection and forensic hypnosis, Eldon is the award-winning best-selling author of over 300 books, audio and video programs. The host of the popular radio show Provocative Enlightenment, Eldon has been featured in films, print, television and radio. A Fellow with the American Psychotherapy Association, he has made a lifelong study of the human mind, earning doctoral degrees in psychology and metaphysics.

His books and audio-video materials have been translated in more than a dozen languages and sold millions worldwide. Yet, when going over his byline with him, so I would properly introduce him on stage in front of our audience, he brushed off the entire paragraph, saying: “Forget all this stuff. Just introduce me as Eldon.” In one sentence, he summarized the depth of humility that characterizes him.

Knowing full well personalities of his status are typically fetched by limousine chauffeurs at airports around the world, offered champagne and ushered to VIP suites, it felt considerably inappropriate to be picking him up at the wheels of my litte white Crosstrek. Yet, we hugged warmly and off we went on our way to the conference, the three of us deep in fascinating conversations.

A Journey into the Fascinating World of Mind Science

Eldon’s presentation on Mind Mastery was fascinating, throught-provoking, transformative and entertaining all at once.

Adding to the depth and richness of his research and contents, his warm, inviting and effortless style, together with his constant humor, had our audience laughing throughout the afternoon. I am confident everyone left the day feeling as deeply touched and transformed by his presence as I did.

Being granted the opportunity to spend a day with Eldon was a blessing to all of us, which we are deeply grateful for.

Retrain your Brain

To learn more about how hypnosis can help you retrain your brain, visit the following link: Hypnosis in Portland, Oregon.

Hypnosis and Mind Control

Hypnosis and Mind Control - A close up of a metal object - Hypnosis

Is hypnosis mind control?

As one of my colleagues often jokingly mentions in his keynote presentations, when it comes to hypnosis, people usually fall into two categories: those who know nothing about it, and those who have an entirely wrong idea about what it is.

Mind Control

During a gathering I was attending yesterday morning, a lovely lady who had recently visited my office for a consultation shared excellent thoughts. When she addressed the group, she explained: “I had always been under the assumption that if you went to see a hypnotherapist, you might very well not come out of their office with the same mind you had going in!” The audience burst into laughter. She continued: “I’m relieved to tell you, I went to visit Genvièv to learn more about what she does, and I still have the same mind I had going in!” The crowd continued laughing. She added: “In fact, it was amazing to realize that everybody can use hypnosis to help with everyday problems we all face in our lives.” Tears clouded her eyes as she concluded: “I wish I had known that years ago…”

Her genuine testimony was deeply touching and spoke to everyone in audience. We all hold onto misconceived notions and misperceptions about our mind, and most of us do so for our entire lives. Our role as hypnotherapists is never to control your mind. On the contrary, what we do is teach you simple, effortless, and profoundly rejuvenating techniques that enable you to regain more of the control of your own mind.

Whenever we struggle with negative behaviors, unwanted emotions or self-sabotaging habits, no matter how hard we try to change them, it seems they are controling us, instead of the other way around. Hypnotherapy is the pathway to regaining control of these specific tendencies that seem to be controling you.

De-Hypnotizing You

I explain to those I train that our role, as hypnotherapists, is in fact to de-hypnotize you from the negative influences and limiting beliefs you took on along the course of your life. As we grow up and evolve through childhood, we depend primarily on those around us to learn about ourselves, life and the world we live in. As others, and often authority figures, those we look up to, admire or depend on, may sometimes express negative statements about who we are and what we are capable of, we often take these statements as truths. The reality is they are simply the reflections of other people’s beliefs, born from their own, separate experiences. Once we accept a belief as truth, it begins influencing the way we think, act, react and, in other words, experience life. The more we practice these beliefs, the deeper they anchor themselves in our emotional body.

Regaining Control of Your Mind

Changing beliefs in the conscious level of the mind is a defeating proposition. We now know that emotions, automatic patterns and learned behaviors are set forth by the subconscious mind before the conscious mind is able to become aware of them. Neuroscientists studying the brain with electroencephalograms are now able to see an emotion being released by someone’s brain, before the person becomes consciously aware of it. Trying to consciously modify an emotion that has already been produced by your brain is takling the task by the wrong end of the stick.

Going Back to Source

The reason hypnotherapy is so efficient, powerful and lasting, is precisely because we target negative emotions, limiting beliefs and misconceptions at their source. If you keep cutting a weed above the surface of the ground, it will appear better for a few days, but soon enough, it will grow right back to where it was, and continue on its course. The only way to permanenty remove weeds it dig below the surface of the earth and find the root. This is what we do with clinical hypnotherapy. We find the root cause for your current issues and teach you how to address, resolve and release them. The end result is very often a feeling of profound relief, solidity and peace of mind that most of us had never experienced before. Life becomes easier, more effortless and more enjoyable.

Retraining your Brain

To learn more about how hypnosis can help you retrain your brain, visit the following link: Hypnosis in Portland, Oregon.