Meditation in Motion

Meditation in Motion - A snow covered slope - 09738

The 7th Degree of Speed

There is a degree of speed, in downhill skiing as with other sports, at which the conscious mind can no longer hold on. Suddenly, it snaps out, like a hat snatched from your head. Detached and silent, it surfs the winds, drifting behind you as if retained by an invisible thread. And you find yourself plugged into the realm of the subconscious. Returned to source. Merged back into all that is. There are no more thoughts, emotions or hesitations. You suddenly are one with all that is. One with your skis, one with the thick, yielding powder, one with the mountain, the winds and the skies. Blinded by speed, tears clouding your eyes, you melt into the fluid motion of your body dancing with the terrain and the elements, freed from conscious interference. Moments like these are enough to recharge our batteries from years of slow depletion.