Scheduling Appointments in the Fall

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I am currently consulting overseas until September 22nd.

Our office schedule is booked until October. To be considered for a consultation, or to schedule a session in the fall, you are welcome to visit our center in Lake Oswego, where my team will be happy to assist you, or contact me online to receive your client intake form and physician’s authorization documentation.

Scheduling a consultation is the best, most efficient way to discuss your situation, needs and goals one-on-one with me and determine the most effective approach. It is also an essential requirement to be considered for sessions. I only work with those I have met in consultation and feel will benefit from my specific approach.

Medical conditions are approached only in collaboration with your physician and medical team. For these reasons, preparation work for sessions needs to be conducted in consultation. Please note hypnotherapy is not currently covered by insurance and is an out-of-pocket expense.

My team and I are doing our very best to respond to each and every person in need. We will continue devising new and improved ways to strategically assist an increasingly greater number of demands.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in the process. We look forward to meeting you.

The Future of the Oregon Hypnotherapy Association

The Future of the Oregon Hypnotherapy Association - A man riding a wave on top of a mountain - Haystack Rock

Twenty Years of Service to the Northwest

Over the course of the last few years, we successfully steered the OHA in an exciting new direction, collaborating with elite members of the medical field, and bringing national and international awareness to the organization.

We presented the mission, directions and activities of the OHA to the medical teams of OHSU, Kaiser Permanente, Providence and Legacy Medical Groups, to executive directors of medical research centers, and countless physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists and licensed medical providers in the Pacific Northwest, nationally and abroad.

We invited best-selling authors, leading psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical social workers and other healthcare practitioners to speak at our events. Dr. Somusetty, Assistant Chief of Psychiatry at Kaiser Permanente, spent a day with us, sharing his professional expertise on brain chemistry and neurobiology. Colonel Larry Elman, along with his wife Cheryl, spent a weekend in the Pacific Northwest, giving our members a fascinating overview of the work of his father Dave Elman. Award-winning New York Times best-selling author Eldon Taylor flew to Lake Oswego with his team to present his research on mind mastery. Steven Ruiz Bettencourt brought his lifelong study of psychology to deepen our experience in anger management. Linda Maddy and Kathy Crenshaw drew from their career expertise in clinical social work, leadership, performance and education to expand our understanding of trauma, PTSD and the challenges faced by our troops as their reintegrate the workforce.

We brought the OHA national and international public and media attention, featuring it in the press, on social media forums and presenting it at leading events. Last month, I flew to Boston, Massachusetts, to represent and introduce the Oregon Hypnotherapy Association before Chairmen and Executive Directors of the National Board of Hypnosis Education and Certification. At the Annual Convention of the National Guild of Hypnotists, I met with colleagues and members of our profession from all over the world. Almost every one I spoke with responded in similar terms, commenting: “I wish we had an organization like yours in our area!”

The Future of the Oregon Hypnotherapy Association

The existence, presence and activities of our organization provide us with an open forum of collaboration, communications and exchanges within our profession. Headquartered right at home in the Pacific Northwest, it enables us to meet our continuing education requirements all year long, without having to incur the costly expense of flights, hotels and time away from our homes and practices. It promotes and encourages collaboration, communications and exchanges with colleagues of the complementary professions we interact with.

Everyone I spoke with in Boston was enthralled to hear about the activities of our organization in the Northwest. Jerry Kein, John Cerbone, Jason Linett, and numerous other colleagues, received with great enthusiasm the idea of planning a trip our way to take part in our events.

As we continue planning and coordinating activities and events in the years to come with our Board of Directors, my vision for the future of the OHA is for our organization to become a center of activity promoting education, research and development in our field, a destination point for teachers and leaders to share their experience, and an open forum for licensed health practitioners to discuss their expertise and continue collaborating with us.

Our organization has been evolving at a rapid pace in the last few years and the momentum shows no signs of slowing down. We look forward to celebrating our 20-Year Anniversary with each and every one of you and welcoming you to a day of celebration, educational growth and enriching exchanges.

See you in Lake Oswego!

Genvièv Martin-Bernard, DESS, BCH, CI, CHT

President of the Oregon Hypnotherapy Association
Author, Forensic & Clinical Hypnosis
Board Certified & Certified Instructor