OHA Commemorative Book

OHA Commemorative Book - A tree next to a body of water - Bend

Be Part of the Commemoration and Celebration of the 20-Year Anniversary of the Oregon Hypnotherapy Association!

2015 marks the 20th anniversary of the OHA. The Board of Directors and I decided to celebrate this milestone with a commemorative book that will be handed as a gift to each and every one of you attending our September event. The book will also remain available for sale after the event on the OHA website.

Thank you for contributing to the life of the Oregon Hypnotherapy association, making it the premier organization of its kind in the Northwest. We would like for every member and friend of the OHA to be featured in our anniversary book. If you wish to be included, simply select a topic from the suggested list below and share your thoughts in a short statement (one or two sentences) by e-mail to the address included below.

Suggested topics:

  • My favorite/funniest/most memorable moment at an OHA meeting
  • Something I got from the OHA that changed my life
  • Why I am a member of the OHA
  • How the OHA has benefited me in my practice/life
  • What I get from attending OHA events

Please keep your statement short (one or two sentences), include a photo to your e-mail if you would like your photo to be featured, and send your contribution via e-mail to 20years@ohanw.org. Our commemorative book will be going to print this month, so make sure you respond promptly to be included!

Thank you in advance for your wonderful comments! We look forward to featuring you and making our upcoming event a celebration to be remembered by us all!

Genvièv Martin-Bernard, DESS, CI
President of the Oregon Hypnotherapy Association