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    Discover Power From Within

    Our brain controls everything, from the beats of our heart, to our circulation, emotions, actions and reactions. Learning to work with brain plasticity and brain rewiring is the single, most powerful key to wellness, success, performance and peace of mind. Begin the most effective training you’ll ever experience. Become an athlete of the mind!


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    Forensic hypnosis allows us to go back in time to critical details and information of key events previously inaccessible. It can be determining in the preparation of a trial and may be the only way to recover vital data and leads.


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    Hypnotherapy, or clinical hypnosis, is the use of hypnosis as an aid to enhance wellness. Working with brain plasticity in collaboration with licensed medical professionals allows us to resolve symptoms, conditions and emotions resistant to other approaches.



    Our brain fuels our performance and results in everything we do. Working with brain plasticity and brain rewiring enables us to discover the science of high-achievement inner engineering, and supercharge our personal, professional, academic and athletic abilities.


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    Professional certification courses in hypnosis, self-hypnosis and brain rewiring. Become certified by the largest and oldest organization in the field. Continuing education courses for medical and mental health practitioners in evidence-based, leading-edge approaches and methodologies.


    An Award-Winning, Board Certified, Forensic and Clinical Hypnotherapy Instructor, Genvièv specializes in collaborating with the medical field to enhance the physical, mental and emotional wellness of patients. She brings her forensic expertise to high-profile murder cases and criminal investigations. Her passion for human potential, and lifelong research in brain plasticity and brain rewiring, enables people worldwide to transform their abilities and discover a quality of life they never imagined possible.
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    Exceptional Expertise
    Exceptional Results

    Combining Ivy-League education, academic research and medical training for proven, consistent and reliable results:

    • 5-star client satisfaction rating on review forums
    • 100% success rate helping physicians ace board exams after years of repetitive failures
    • 20 years of experience helping leading organizations boost their results nationally and internationally
    • Consistent success resolving complex cases and issues previously unresponsive and resistant to change
    • Solid record helping clients worldwide achieve rapid, lasting and radical transformations
    • Recipient of the highest awards given by the largest and oldest organizations in the field
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    Empower, Inspire, Educate, Excel

    Empower your teams with the skills to soar and thrive:

    • Corporate stress release workshops
    • Competitive, athletic performance and results
    • Sales, performance and motivation enhancement
    • Professional accreditation for medical and mental health providers
    • Individual and group training, sessions, workshops, retreats and events
    • Training available locally and remotely, at your locations, and our HQs
    • On-going training and support in person and remotely
    • Become professionally certified by the largest and oldest organization in the field in the world




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